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S-Squared have a construction technology that allows them to build very large, column-free buildings. Sports stadiums, aircraft hangars and large commercial spaces can all be built using
S-Squared's revolutionary technology.

But how do you make a large shed sexy and desirable? That was our brief.

Through a Brand Flower process, we identified the competitive strength of s-squared which was the clean, unobstructed space they create.

Pure was established as a One Word Equity and we developed the essence of "Pure Space". Aligned to this, were sensory aspirations to evoke feelings of clean, uninterrupted space, weightlessness, and a magic transformation from wasteland into a structure that's truly awe inspiring.

The feeling of "Pure Space" was taken through into the website design which also features several flash animations to bring this concept to life.  Ask an S-Squared employee what they do? Rather than say "we build big sheds" you'll now hear them proudly remark, "we're creators of pure space".

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